Travel agency

Our passion for travel has taken us all over the world since 1992. We love exploring and try to fill our clients with that very same love and enthusiasm.

We select only the best destinations, enriching your travel experience with all the details that will make it unique and unforgettable.

We organise individual holidays, creating custom packages to suit every need. We use the main tour operators for traditional holidays dedicated to families, couples, groups of friends and singles.
A whole range of possibilities awaits you: flights and accommodation, cruises, beach or mountain holidays, tours featured in brochures and much, much more.
Our proposals for European capitals or the world’s biggest cities can be created and developed to your specifications, thanks to our knowledge of the locations. We suggest the best hotels, traditional guided tours or something to take you off the beaten track, as well as restaurants that offer a taste of the local cuisine.

We’re travellers first and travel agents second, and this allows us to offer you and recommend the best services and facilities.

Our market has been led by group holidays for over 15 years. Professionalism, attention to the client, and passion are our top priorities. Our love of cycling has enabled us to specialise in organising events in Italy and around the world.
Albatur is an all-female travel agency: Lella, Rossana and Elisa, a solid union between three women that goes back over twenty years; a winning team made up of different personalities that offset each other perfectly, making the agency more and more successful and diversifying the activities proposed.
Lella has worked at Albatur since it first opened in 1992 and is our driving force, having launched the agency with courage, determination and a huge amount of passion; Rossana represents our security and stability, with her love for faraway places ensuring an impeccable knowledge of the world’s major destinations; and last, but by no means least, Elisa, with her inquisitive nature, fascination with the world and with group holidays, and her desire to meet new people and involve them in what we do, represents the agency’s exuberance, her favourite word being “enthusiasm”.

We have just one aim: to make your dreams come true. A holiday can last just one day or much, much longer. It’s our job to make it perfect!